If interested in a commission, please free to reach out either through the contact page or directly at

Want something you don't see below? Feel free to ask and we can talk details!

Please note resin customs are exclusively talked about through email or are already listed in shop! Please reach out about a custom resin piece through the contact page or at the email above, thank you!

Terms of Service!

Please read completely before reaching out about a commission!

  1. Work does NOT start until payment is received. I use invoices through Square. No account is necessary! 
    1a. Payment is required within 48 hours unless previously discussed! 
  2. Please see below about things I will and will not draw.
  3. I reserve the right to change these terms as I see fit
  4. You are allowed to share art wherever you see fit, as long as credit is given at least once!
  5. These commissions are for personal use only!! If you would like to work something out about commercial use, please feel free to email me!

Things I Love to Draw!

  • Anything colorful, LF inspired, over the top!
  • OCs (furry and non-furry!)
  • Fashion, particularly giant shoes!
  • Candy Gore

Things I'm Okay with Drawing ~

  • Light NSFW and mild kink related work (if you are unsure if I would be okay with a certain kink, please contact me)
  • Muscular bodies
  • Semi realistic gore

Things I Absolutely WILL NOT Draw

  • Anything related to non-consensual scenarios
  • Overly realistic gore
  • Sexualized minors or minors in any sexual scenario
  • Mech or armor (sorry, i'm just bad at it...)
  • I am free to add to this list as I see necessary.